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To promote the products and services of SHG (Self Help Group)- Ahmedabad, BPL members and village individuals through website on global platform.

Revolutionary and agile CM- Gujarat Shri Narendra modi narrated Mission Mangalam. “Isse sabka mangal hoga, (Everyone will be benefited) in his fifth edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit. All those below poverty line (BPL) youth and women will get opportunities to learn and work. We have found small women Self Help Groups which will fulfill the dream he added. First time, corporate social responsibility is part of our vision. Top most 34 MNCs, corporate houses, signed MoU with Gujarat government for Rs20,000 crore through Mission Mangalam. More than 15 lakh women will get training and jobs.”

This unique and very productive concept is conceived by District Development Officer (DDO) Ahmedabad Mr. Banchha Nidhi Pani in the month of Oct-2011 on the path of vision of our honorable CM. This concept aims at providing a global platform to SHG (Self Help Group), BPL members and villagers- Ahmedabad. They will be able to promote their product on global scale and will expand their business to the new horizon and will bring prosperity, success and happiness to each beneficiaries and thus lead the socio – economic reform.

U Upliftment of SHG
D Development of Skill
A Awareness
N Network
T Team Work

Today web marketing is one of the strongest apparatus to promote any indigenous product or services. This is the most convenient platform to promote any product at world platter. People have seen the exceptional growth in their business at a very limited expense. Mr. Banchha Nidhi Pani being a young tech savvy bureaucrat thought to utilize web as a medium to promote products and services produced by SHG group, BPL members or village individuals of Ahmedabad.

Though Ahmedabad has a large number of SHG groups but their products are limitedly selling due to the lack of marketing strategy. Hence, to give it a solution, DDO-Ahmedabad has taken an initiative and gave this idea to promote product and services on global scale through web. SHG group, BPL members, Village individuals , their products, specifications and every vital information and contact numbers will be provided on web so that any individual, business house or any other organization across the world will have easy access to these beneficiaries and thus their mutual business will soar to new high.