Livelihood Portal


Strategy of UDANT is very clear. Products and services or any livelihood promoting thing will be available on UDANT web site with their name, address and contact nos. this will provide direct linkage to buyers and sellers of respective product or services. This will eliminate the middle man who is eating their profit. Thus, their profit will also rise which will ultimately end in happiness of all the beneficiaries like BPL members, SHG group members or village individual. This unique and very powerful concept will definitely increase the no. of APL family. Because BPL will earn more and will come out of their BPL status.

Work shed will give shelter to the producers and buyer will come, buy the services or product in very comfortable situation. This will also work as a place of training and support to the SHGs.

Buyers will meet producers directly and the communication gap or any other discrepancies will disappear thus business will grow on peaceful manner and everybody will yield prosperity out of this.

Producer groups will produce homogeneous products and will sell directly to the market or end users. Farmer clubs who are very new to the technology and are aspiring to the new changes will certainly adopt such changes and will directly earn prosperity.

Various Government Schemes will also cater the purpose of BPL family transformation. Easy access will enable every BPL family to have the benefit of the said scheme which will ultimately bring him to APL stature.

Success stories will provide guidance to any unemployed or any other person or students to understand the market requirements and how he should choose his profession according to his skills; this will increase employment and poverty elevation.

Current events shown on the website will enable SHGs, artisans or any other beneficiary to take maximum advantage of such event. He will utilize this event as a business promotion model and thus he will prepare his production or arrange for the services which he is going to sell.

Market penetration is the biggest challenge for any corporate giant. Companies spend crores of rupees to reach the last man at village level. Through UDANT they will be able to reach last alley of the remotest village and they will even be able to sell or purchase the specific product/services to the specific group. This will generate enthusiasm at village level as well as at corporate level as augmentation of their income will contribute to the higher scaling of GDP.

This will create mutual benefit strategy or win -win situation for both the parties.